ESG compliance has never been so simple.

Produce and publish your company's ESG report and gain information about your suppliers' ESG effect with an easy-to-use and intelligent tool.

Simplifying your ESG journey

Audit your current greening efforts with the Kingfisher, a simple online tool that credits your business for completed initiatives. Simply complete the online questionnaire to rate your green business.

Kingfisher helps you manage your network, either by sharing your performance with your stakeholders or monitoring the performance of your own value chain.

Environmental effects

Survey your partners based on their impact on the planet.

  • Regulation and policies
  • Environmental management system
  • Energy management
  • Greenhouse gas
  • Air pollution
  • Water management
  • Use of chemicals
  • Waste management
  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental opportunities

Social effects

Make sure your suppliers meet the key social standards.

  • Social impacts
  • Make sure your suppliers comply with key social standards.
  • Regulations and policies
  • Diversity, discrimination
  • Working conditions
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Career and training management
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Human rights and stakeholders
  • Human rights and interested parties

Corporate governance

Ensure standard governance and compliance topics.

  • ESG in corporate governance
  • Anti-corruption and compliance
  • Fair market competition
  • Data protection and information security
  • Responsible procurement
  • Fiscal transparency

Kingfisher makes your company more effective in sustainability

Cover the due diligence requirements in supply chains, Kingfisher enables obliged companies to capture information, data, and documentation about their internal procedure and to ensure transparency and risk analysis their suppliers’ according to ecological, social and governance criteria.

Being a fully customizable platform, Kingfisher will give actionable insights, useful and measurable results by simplifying processes in a user-friendly environment where every party can easily navigate within.

How Kingfisher works?


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Supplier ratings and certifications

For direct suppliers you must conduct an ESG assessment in line with regulatory due diligence requirements. Kingfisher assessment templates cover all the important requirements of international standards and legislation. You can use a consultant or your own resources to review responses and evidence from your suppliers.

Thanks to a largely automated process, you can easily guide thousands of suppliers through the assessment process without wasting time and effort.

Professional partners

Kingfisher’s approved partners help us assess suppliers to give our partners a transparent, credible picture of their suppliers.

We select our partners based on their experience and expertise in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with an emphasis on understanding local environmental, ethical business practices,human rights and labour regulations.

We are actively seeking new partners and welcome new applications.

The team behind Kingfisher

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